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2001 Show Details

18th - 21st April 2001

The Opening Dreams
It's A Gang Show Thing Foreign Legion
Thank you for the Music Music in Me
To the Ball A Question of Sport
E-mail Boogie Friends
Two Little Boys Twelve Days of Camp
Beautiful Briny Memories of Fosse
Dance Fusion Foul Vowels
Dawn of Tomorrow Wurlitzer days
Producer Tim Kent
Choreographers Joan Edwards FISTD (Hons)
Maggie Peckham
Pippa Rodger
Nanette Bayliss
Technical Director Mark Shepherd
Joint Musical Directors Mike Saunders
John Woodman
Additional Material Ton MacMillian
Junior Production Team Doreen Holland
Carole Sandell
Rachel Wiles
Gill Scott
Wardrobe Jane Phipps
Daphne Bridge
Linda Hoddy
June Reed
Junior Wardrobe Doreen Holland
Gill Scott
Make-up Jane Hickman & Team
Production Secretary Gill Scott
Stage Manager Bob Leng
Asstant Stage Manager David Woodjetts
Scenery & Prpos Construction Ray Jordan
Stephen Holden
Malcolm Strudwick
Alison Linley
Dave Hunt
Steve Higgins
Dave Scott
Brian Ashfield
Nigel Bennett
Backstage Crew Ray Jordan
Stephen Holden
Ian Jordan
Pete Jordan
Mark Jordan
Andy Budd
Malcolm Strudwick
Alison Linley
Dave Hunt
Andrew Higgins
Steve Higgins
Alistair Walter
James Green
Barry Fitzgerald
Props Mark Scott
Nigel Bennett
Dressing Room Helpers Jan Bevis
Geraldine Bishop
Jacqueline Fitzgerald
Linda Conway
Clair Bishop
Heather Fox
Kath Knight
Sharon Chapman
Carol Jeffrey
Sarah Taylor
Carolyn Williams
Joy Carter
Rachael O'Dell
Lucy Piper
Ian Wetherell
Sylvia Powell
Lawson Powell
Cast Catering Sue Milner
Lighting Technician John Dart assisted by Andy, Francis and Ray
Sound by HIYKON Ltd
Chairman Peter Woolgar
Treasurer Mike Budd
Ticket Sales Stella Standing
Guide & Scout Commissioners Angela Cooper
Angela Pickett
Margaret Goodyear
Secretary Margaret Mason
Other Members Paul Bayliss
Tim Kent
Graphic Design Dave Mackerell Studio Communications
Senior Gang April Amos Oliver Hobson Nikki Pearce
Andrew Bacon Sarah Hoddy Yolanda Sadler
Charlotte Bayliss Daniel Holman Charlotte Saunders
Richard Bayliss Rhian Holman Annabel Scopes
Kara Boustead Stephanie James Catherine Scopes
Simon Bridge Elisa Kelly Lawrence Shaw
Alex Brown Hannah Kelly Ben Simpson
Hannah Brown Sarah King Megan Smith
Katie Brown Jamie Lake Rachel Smith
Georgina Brown-Felpts Joe Lake Michael Standing
Joe Bunn Charlotte Leng Tracey Stevenson
Abigail Chambers Jessica Logan Oliver Taylor
John Clapshoe Natalie Mackerell Hattie Thompson
Oliver Darby Sally Mackerell Rebecca Tomes
Luke Diprose Debbie Marriott James Walton
Kate Dowling Jonathan Marriott Scott Walton
Sian Ellis Samantha Marriott Amy Whittington
Michael Fairs Vicky Marriott Laura Wiles
Ashley Funnell Charlotte McKeon Philip Wiles
Daniel Funnell Patrick Monteith Rachael Wries
Georgina Gorringe Laura Moore Alex Wood.
Jenna Hall Stephanie Nightingale
Jemma Hickman Alanya Noquet
Junior Gang Hannah Bevis Kirsten Japp Libby Thorne
Abi Budd Emily Martin Madaleine Todd
Katie Carr Victoria Martin Thomas Baker
Sian Chapman Elouise Mockler Ryan Cameron
Rebecca Clare Bethany Paternoster Tim Chipperfield
Lauren Coote Holly Pittock Zach Diprose
Maxine Coskin Sophie Rippin Laurie Hickman
Michaela Crymble Chloe Satchell Edward Hobson
Rachel Drew Dominique Holland-Stringer Jamie Hollis
Rebecca Fallowfield Nicole Taylor Robert Howse
Rosie Gosden Sarah Thompson Daniel Jeffery